Digsy’s remedy for the January blues

It’s commonly known that music can affect our mood, behaviour and even increase our creativity; it is no coincidence that Physicist Albert Einstein had the back-up plan of becoming a musician had the whole physics thing not worked out. Now over at Digsy’s we are not known, nor have we ever professed to be, scientists of any kind so this post will not begin to dissect the ongoing study into the relationship between music and our minds- so you can rest easy.

From the masses of scholarly articles and books out there we know that listening to music has been proven to trigger the release of dopamine and lowers your cortisol (aka the cause of our stress and anxiety) levels. What this essentially means is when you put on your ‘Friday mix’ playlist at work on a Tuesday to try and boost your mood, you could actually be onto something.

Now given that January seems to be sticking around for yet ANOTHER week, we thought we would address the January blues the only way we know how- with music. In our attempt to understand all the varying scientific theories, we did note that the one thing they all agree on is how personal our reactions to songs are. What does this mean? It means that whilst listening to The Prodigy’s ‘Firestarter’ may not be your way of mellowing out after a gruelling battle on the Central line, but for some, it’s the perfect tune. With this knowledge, we knew we wouldn’t be able to create a playlist that would help every reader kick the final hurdle of January but at least one song should boost morale at some point.

Below we have listed some of our January blues busting, mood lifting songs and if any choices confuse you, the reason behind all choices are either 1. They are positive and upbeat or 2. The melancholy reassures us that someone else out there feels the same and you’re probably going to be fine. Now before we ramble on into February (which would be quite something but entirely possible) we will get on and list our choices. Happy listening!

–      ‘Jumping Jack Flash’- The Rolling Stones

–      ‘Supersonic’- Oasis

–      ‘Edge of Seventeen’- Stevie Nicks

–      ‘California Soul’- Marlena Shaw

–      ‘Are You Gonna Be My Girl’- Jet

–       ‘Hard Times’- Paramore

–      ‘Promises’- Sam Smith, Calvin Harris

–      ‘That Sound’- Sam Fender

–      ‘Knee Socks’- Arctic Monkeys

–      ‘Dog Days Are Over’- Florence + The Machine

–      ‘I Say a Little Prayer’- Aretha Franklin

–      ‘Hi Hello’- Johnny Marr

–      ‘Let Your Dogtooth Grow’- The Orielles

–      ‘Angie’- Shame

–      ‘The Changingman’- Paul Weller

–      ‘Praise You’- Fatboy Slim

–      ‘Border Girl’- Young Fathers

–      ‘Jerk it Out’- Caesars

–      ‘Kooks’- David Bowie

–      ‘Jack in Titanic’- BODEGA

If you’re still feeling the blues after this then it is likely that you haven’t listened to enough music. Nietzsche said (that’s right we’re quoting Nietzsche) that without music, life would be a mistake. So, if this last week of January is dragging too much or the boss seems to be being that little bit more difficult, you can drown it all out with some Happy Mondays because science as well as philosophy has told us, that it is the right thing to do and definitely not a sure-fire way of earning the ‘Most Annoying Co-worker’ title.

Good luck for the rest of the week, see you in February.

Digsy’s Corner.


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