Digsy’s Guide To An Alternative Halloween Playlist

Unless you’re living under a rock (or possibly are one of the undead, we try to keep our demographic as wide as possible) you would have noticed that Halloween is just around the corner. Those of you with a chilling infatuation with the holiday (which we believe should be a national holiday) will be planning your costumes, parties or slasher movie marathon- you may have celebrated already! However, you may be feeling a sinking feeling, a feeling of dread…

The playlist. Every year the same Halloween songs are churned out to haunt in between each regular track, We love Thriller, how could we not?- we would feel cheated without it but not every Halloween song is a timeless classic. Before your Halloween playlist starts to give a fright for all the wrong reasons, we thought we would give a haunted help in hand. Below are 13 of our choices for a slightly more alternative Halloween playlist.


  1. ‘House Of The Rising Sun’- The Animals (1964)

Now whilst not the most ground-breaking given that any devilish DJ would expand the net to this classic 1960s track, we could not resist including it. This track won’t get everyone jumping but no (good) Halloween party would be set without it. The fearful protagonist warns us not to “spend your life in sin and misery” and with the songs origins somewhat unknown, thought to be a 16th century folk song. Who wouldn’t love this mysterious warning call recorded by icons of the Sixties at their Halloween bash?



  1. ‘Break On Through (To The Other Side)- The Doors (1967)

You would be safe with any choice by The Doors for your playlist. The vocals of Jim Morrison have their very own supernatural quality to them but the lyrics and name of this particularly spooky song made it our top choice from the band. A surprisingly upbeat track, this one should have everyone in high spirits and with lines like “tried to run, tried to hide” and singing of the ominous ‘Other Side’ it is in perfect keeping with the season.



  1. ‘White Rabbit’- Jefferson Airplane (1967)

Another song picked for its vocalist. Grace Slick’s voice gives us goosebumps with this one! This most known track by Jefferson Airplane takes the story of Alice and Wonderland and turns it into a disorientating, drug-infused trip. A Halloween must-have!



  1. ‘(Don’t Fear) The Reaper’- Blue Öyster Cult (1976)

With a band name like Blue Öyster Cult it is a no brainer that we would include these ghoulish guys! The track begins with a distinctive cowbell backing that is widely recognised all over the world (more cowbell!) A song about the inevitability of death and eternal love- whilst not your typical party starter, it is great for Halloween!



  1. ‘Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)’- David Bowie (1980)

We are huge fans of David Bowie over at Digsy’s Corner, his iconic looks even make great Halloween costume ideas! We couldn’t forget the Goblin King himself when discussing our Halloween choices. Every line of this song gives it reason to be in our top 13 with strange doors, killers, a horror of rooms and scary monsters and super creeps- it is the perfect song.



  1. ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’- Joy Division (1980)

Let’s dance to Joy Division and celebrate the irony? Hopefully not everything is going wrong, how can it with this Halloween playlist? The tone of Ian Curtis’ voice is a must for our playlist choices and whilst the lyrics are genuinely tragically sad, the title (and popularity) of this song edged it into our list. Not expected on a typical Halloween playlist but we don’t like typical over at Digsy’s!


You get the idea why we’ve made our choices so far and if you want to actually listen to them before the Witching Hour, we have listed the others below- take a listen and see for yourself why they have made it into our playlist.

  1. ‘Pretty Girls Make Graves’- The Smiths (1984)
  2. ‘Running Up That Hill’- Kate Bush (1985)
  3. ‘Lullaby’-The Cure (1989)
  4. ‘Heart-Shaped Box’-Nirvana (1993)
  5. ‘Firestarter’- The Prodigy (1997)
  6. ‘Zombie’- Jamie T (2014)
  7. ‘Machine’- The Horrors (2017)


Now if something wicked this way comes you’ll be ready with a killer playlist. The music might not be filled with theatrical monster groans or cackles but these songs will either fill you with goosebumps or have you singing along with a haunting howl and what’s more, you can enjoy these tracks any time of the year.  Of course, many others could have easily been included and if you want more to sink your teeth into, Nirvana’s ‘Downer’; The Smiths’ ‘Cemetery Gates’ and Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds’ ‘Red Right Hand’ all would be devilishly delightful additions.

*frighteningly fun fact: Most of us recognise ‘Red Right Hand’ by Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds from The Peaky Blinders theme but the horror film fans amongst you will know that the song also features in Wes Craven classic ‘Scream’.

Happy Halloween from Digsy’s Corner!

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